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Quantum Control Solution Engineer

Hen Alazraki

November 23, 2020

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    We are looking for a sharp experimental quantum physicist with a remarkable passion for solving complex problems and working with fellow researchers to bring real impact, to help us bring the world’s most advanced quantum control technology to labs around the world. If you have a true appreciation for the potential and nuance of quantum control, an unrelenting curiosity for physics and quantum computing, and are looking for a fast-paced environment, you are Quantum Machines material.

    As a Quantum Control Solution Engineer, you will leverage your experience in experimental physics to identify and reach out to relevant labs and researchers, study their science deeply, work with them to see how Quantum Machine’s quantum control technology can accelerate their research and open new possibilities for them, and help them achieve it using the most advanced technology available.


    • Study the research of potential customers in-depth, identify the right research opportunities, and reach out to them directly

    • Prepare and run demonstrations of QM’s technology, tailored for each potential customer.

    • Address technical and conceptual questions raised by researchers.

    • Build and maintain relationships with a wide network of researchers

    • Accompany the labs you have brought in – from co-planning future research, through installing the system at the lab and working with the team at the lab on an ongoing basis, helping them achieve their research goals by leveraging QM’s technology

    • Providing inputs to the QM’s Research & Product teams regarding sought-after new capabilities


    • Ph.D. in experimental quantum physics, with extensive experience working on quantum systems in leading labs

    • Great interpersonal skills, being energized by working with others and helping them achieve their goals.

    • Strong written and oral communication skills

    • Ability to digest and comprehend large volumes of new research in a short time by reading academic articles and discussing with fellow scientists

    • Availability to travel to potential customers across the US

    • Impact-oriented and a creative thinker; always finding a way to make things happen

    • Experience writing Python, working with test-equipment, and day-to-day lab debugging

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