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Technical Product Manager

Gil Burstein

February 17, 2021

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    Quantum Machines is looking for a technical product manager to join our research and product team. We are conceiving and developing the hardware control platform that will be at the heart of any quantum computer in the world, and are looking for an extremely talented and driven technical product manager to drive ongoing product development and gather crucial insights for future products.

    You will be a part of the team that comes up with the vision and long-term plans for our product, and be responsible for translating that vision into ongoing product and feature development. The role involves working with multiple stakeholders – developers, customers, engineers, marketing, and designers. Your day will consist of interviewing customers and extracting insights, working closely with software developers to define and refine new features, working with program managers to build a future development roadmap, and communicating it to management and customers.

    Some of your main responsibilities are:

    • Organize and own the product roadmap for the existing lineup of QM products
    • Develop and deploy methods for automated data collection and analysis
    • Conduct and participate in interviews with customers to understand their needs
    • Organize collected data in a way that provides maximal visibility to all stakeholders, and translate that into actionable decisions
    • Use technical expertise to conceive new features and capabilities and lead their development 
    • Own the software product delivery cycle

    Required Qualifications:

    • At least 2 years of experience as a Technical Product Manager
    • Bachelor’s degree in exact sciences or engineering or higher – a degree in physics is a big advantage
    • experience as a developer or engineer
    • Proven experience of end to end product delivery to users in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
    • Strong analytical skills, enjoys working with data and extracting insight from it
    • Customer-focused has a natural sense of what the customer wants and needs
    • Strong team player, enjoys being in the center of things and working with multiple people

    Required Qualifications:

    • Experience as a product manager in a company that sells technological products to engineers and/or scientists
    • Experience as a technical product manager or engineer in one of the following fields: RF and microwave engineering, scientific or technical software development, scientific instrumentation
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