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Verification Engineer

Alex Greenshpun

Director of Marketing
May 13, 2020

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    We are looking for an excellent verification engineer to join our team and build QM’s verification environment and capabilities from scratch. We are looking for a highly talented and motivated person, who is a real team player and can collaborate closely with quantum physicists and engineers from other disciplines.


    Basic Qualifications

    • A verification expert
    • Ability to ramp-up complex verification environments from scratch
    • Experience with UVM, System Verilog
    • Knowledge of Verification IPs and protocols (PCIe, DDR, AXI)
    • Great debug capabilities
    • BSc in Electrical Engineering


    Preferred Qualifications

    • Experience with Xilinx FPGA IPs
    • Good understanding of HW/SW interaction
    • Knowledge in C/C++/Python
    • Super talented and motivated
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