We are happy to welcome the QDevil team, now officially a part of Quantum Machines!

Running Quantum Experiments From Day One: a Fresh POV for Lab Managers

Like many of you, I have spent many years in a lab. I was the only Ph.D. student in a newly formed experimental group, and I am guessing you know what that means. I spent my Ph.D. time building a 1M€ optics lab to work with quantum control of dots at cryogenic temperatures.Don’t get me...

Women Pushing the Limits of Quantum Frontiers: Ziwei Qiu

Becoming a scientist isn’t an easy path. Studying physics, or any other hard science requires many sleepless nights, long days in the lab, and the passion to keep pushing forward. Our next speaker profile highlights the fact that while studying science requires hard work, it is all well worth it. Introducing: Ziwei Qiu, Ph.D. Candidate…

Women Pushing the Limits of Quantum Frontiers: Yvonne Gao

When picturing a physicist, most of us automatically think of someone like Einstein. However, today’s physicists and scientists are a lot more diverse than the outdated images in our heads. If we challenge those stereotypes, we give young children of any gender, race, or socioeconomic status the power to imagine themselves working in a lab….

Women Pushing the Limits of Quantum Frontiers: Inbar Zohar

Today, women make up only 27% of the STEM field. While it’s more than three times as many as in the 1970s, we still have a long way to go. To continue making progress in growing women’s representation in this field, we, as a community, need to show more examples of women succeeding in STEM….

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Quantum Machines Acquires QDevil to Build Full-Stack Platform

Quantum Machines announced that it has acquired QDevil, a well-known Danish company that specializes in building control hardware for quantum systems.

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Enabling Real-Time Capabilities: The Processor Designed for Quantum Control

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered countless times why your Ph.D. in Physics was about making legacy equipment work as you intended instead of probing some cool physics. It’s a fact that the majority of advances in experimental quantum physics have been achieved by combining general-purpose equipment to perform arbitrary pulse sequences. The time evolution...

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Quantum Machines Announces New Hardware to Eliminate Need for RF Engineering 

 Quantum Machines (QM), creator of the first universal quantum computing cloud infrastructure, today announced the availability of the company’s all-in-one RF up/down-conversion module: Octave. The addition of Octave to the OPX offering creates an end-to-end solution for quantum control that can scale alongside the users’ demand. The issue that many quantum researchers face is that in...

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Quantum Machines Recognized as a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s June 2020 Cool Vendors in Quantum Computing

According to Gartner: "disruptive quantum computing may be a decade away, but ongoing advances demonstrate that I&O leaders have to start planning staffing, skills, and projects."

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