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QM is developing the systems which allow to realize the potential of quantum computers. We are building the operation and control systems of quantum computers - hardware and software.

 We are standardizing the quantum assembly language, the hardware which will run it, the quantum computing programming language, and more.

In contrast to classical (non quantum) computers, in which the logic gates are physically built into the processor, in quantum computers the logic gates are microwave pulses (at GHz frequencies) which are radiated onto the quantum bits. We are developing the next generation of quantum controllers – classical processors which are responsible for translating quantum algorithms into pulse sequences, producing the pulses, transmitting them to the quantum bits and receiving the reflected pulses for analysis.

World leading team

For this, we are building a world leading team of engineers and physicists which are ready to push their expertise to the limits and face the great challenges introduced by quantum computing. Our team's challenges are an integration of a wide range of fields, including digital signal processing, FPGA, chip design, RF/microwave engineering, algorithmics, programming & quantum physics.

Quantum Machines is backed by tier 1 venture capital firms: Battery Ventures & TLV Partners.


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