A Look at Women Pushing the Limits of Quantum Frontiers: Yiwen Chu

It’s likely that you already know that women are less than 30% of the world’s scientists. In the quantum ecosystem, they take up an even smaller share. While it’s common knowledge that women are still underrepresented in most quantum physics labs, their numbers are slowly growing. In honor of National Women in STEM Day, we’d...

How to Dramatically Increase the Initialization Fidelity of Your Qubits with QUA

Introduction Qubit initialization is crucial for useful quantum computing, and there are various methods in which it is implemented. Whenever we see circuits showing various algorithms, we take it as a given that the qubits all start out in their ground state. However, in reality, we cannot take this fact for granted. Qubit reset, a…

Introduction to Digital Filters 01: First things FIRst

[Written in collaboration with Gal Winer]— To control qubits we need to manipulate electrical signals – this is the business of quantum control. We need to generate the right signal shape, setting both its nominal voltage value and the exact time at which it occurs. This is not always an easy task because… well, life…

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Quantum Machines Aims To Bridge The Digital And Analog Worlds

Quantum Machines focuses on the control of current and future quantum systems. “From a commercial perspective,” says Sivan, “we develop the cloud infrastructure for quantum computing.”

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Quantum Machines Announces QUA as First Standard Universal Language for Quantum Computers

The new language enables researchers to run any type of quantum program and combine it with classical processing

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Quantum Machines Raises $17.5M as It Powers the Global Quantum Computing Race

QM’s Orchestration Platform has already been adopted by multinational corporations at the forefront of quantum computing Quantum Machines, the creator of the first complete hardware and software solution for the control and operation of quantum computers, announced today (March 19, 2020) that it has secured $17.5M in funding to accelerate the already rapid adoption of the company’s...

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Quantum Machines Recognized as a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s June 2020 Cool Vendors in Quantum Computing

According to Gartner: "disruptive quantum computing may be a decade away, but ongoing advances demonstrate that I&O leaders have to start planning staffing, skills, and projects."

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