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Active Reset: Fast Feedback, Dynamic Decisions, and Trying ‘Til You Get It Right

If you work with qubits, you often need to reset them to their ground states. Here's the easiest way to do this.


Dungeons & Qubits: Ramsey and Frequency Tracking

Dive into the lab dungeon with us to fight two everyday problems: measuring the qubit dephasing time and estimating resonance frequency drifts.


Introduction to Digital Filters 02: Correcting IIRregularities

Curious about what qubit labs and meal planning have in common? Learn how correcting IIR filter irregularities helps you with both!


Introduction to Digital Filters 01: First things FIRst

Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters delay and correct samples using only the input signal and without consideration of the output.


How to Dramatically Increase the Initialization Fidelity of Your Qubits with QUA

Here's how to use Active Reset with the pulse-level programming language QUA to reduce qubit initialization time and improve its fidelity.