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Sales Operations Manager – Israel

We are looking for a self-motivated individual who has great analytical capabilities as well as process-oriented.  As a Sales Operations Manager, you will work closely with our Head of Sales and be responsible for day-to-day processes within Sales Operations, scan the market for new sales opportunities, and play an integral part in optimizing our sales data, analytics, and Salesforce system, with emphasis on data integrity. This is a 3 Months position, with an option for extension to a permanent position based on performance.


  • Systematically identify and vet new leads to feed to the sales team, scan market for new sales opportunities
  • Source new sales opportunities; Identify the market and competitive trends
  • Setting dashboards to track sales activity, generate advanced sales reports, analyze and interpret sales business data in-depth, find solutions, and provide critical input to sales strategy.
  • Deal operations: process deals as they progress through the funnel to ensure a smooth and fast deal flow
  • Working closely with and supporting the head of sales and sales representatives
  • Work with Salesforce data to manage sales activity and drive pipeline to meet revenue targets and company goals.


  • Ability to think strategically about business challenges and analyze data; comfort working with numbers 
  • Fast learner. High capacity and motivation to learn complex technical and scientific information
  • Outstanding can-do attitude and proactiveness
  • “Google search hunter”
  • Highly-organized, meticulous, and self-directed
  • Creative thinker and problem solver
  • Former Sales experience – a plus
  • Fluent English speaker and writer
  • Experience working with Salesforce – Strong advantage
  • Experience working with Hubspot – strong advantage
  • Proficient in Excel
  • Nice to have: background in physics and or electrical engineering, understanding of quantum physics

Quantum Control Solution Engineer – Israel

We are looking for a sharp experimental quantum physicist with a remarkable passion for solving complex problems and working with fellow researchers to bring real impact, to help us bring the world’s most advanced quantum control technology to labs around the world. If you have a true appreciation for the potential and nuance of quantum control, an unrelenting curiosity for physics and quantum computing, and are looking for a fast-paced environment, you are Quantum Machines material.

As a Quantum Control Solution Engineer, you will leverage your experience in experimental physics to identify and reach out to relevant labs and researchers, study their science deeply, work with them to see how Quantum Machine’s quantum control technology can accelerate their research and open new possibilities for them, and help them achieve it using the most advanced technology available.


  • Study the research of potential customers in-depth, identify the right research opportunities, and reach out to them directly

  • Prepare and run demonstrations of QM’s technology, tailored for each potential customer.

  • Address technical and conceptual questions raised by researchers.

  • Build and maintain relationships with a wide network of researchers

  • Accompany the labs you have brought in – from co-planning future research, through installing the system at the lab and working with the team at the lab on an ongoing basis, helping them achieve their research goals by leveraging QM’s technology

  • Providing inputs to the QM’s Research & Product teams regarding sought-after new capabilities


  • Ph.D. in experimental quantum physics, with extensive experience working on quantum systems in leading labs

  • Great interpersonal skills, being energized by working with others and helping them achieve their goals.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to digest and comprehend large volumes of new research in a short time by reading academic articles and discussing with fellow scientists

  • Availability to travel to potential customers across the US

  • Impact-oriented and a creative thinker; always finding a way to make things happen

  • Experience writing Python, working with test-equipment, and day-to-day lab debugging

Vice President of Sales – USA

We are looking for a world-class VP of Sales that will be a member of an ambitious, growing global organization and responsible for executing strategic initiatives aligned to our growth path. As VP of sales, you will play an active role in our sales efforts by building and leading the sales team and closing numerous high-value customers. As VP of sales, you will report to the CEO, with full responsibility for the sales strategy, sales operations, and team management. Responsibilities:
  • Shaping sales strategy according to customer needs, trends, and competitive developments
  • Build and execute a business plan and sales strategy to exceed sales targets and business objectives
  • Effectively run and manage all aspects of the sales cycle, from planning and initial reach outs to negotiating and securing new deals.
  • Define and monitor performance metrics 
  • Be a part of the core management team.
  • 5+ years of experience in sales of complex technological products
  • B.Sc in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related field
  • Solid experience in building and leading a sales team, building all sales function  processes, and setting-up supporting tools
  • Availability to travel to potential customers across the US and occasionally to Europe and Asia
  • Results-oriented; a proven track record of exceeding targets and overachieving
  • Extensive sales operations experience (forecasting, planning, analysis, sales systems, reporting)
  • High capacity and motivation to learn complex technical and scientific information
  • Creative thinker; always finding another way to make things happen
  • M.Sc/Ph.D in Physics or Electrical Engineering – a plus
  • Experimental physicist or quantum physicist – a plus
  • Good understanding of quantum physics and quantum computing –  a plus
  • Sales experience in startups hardware companies in particular – a plus
  • Former experience working with or selling lab test equipment – a plus

Quantum Computing Marketing Manager – USA

We are looking for an experimental quantum physicist with excellent communications and writing skills to own the scientific content of a fast-paced quantum computing startup. You’ll be in charge of impacting the global research community by making a breakthrough technology in quantum computing more accessible to physicists. You’ll work closely with our Director of Marketing and be responsible for creating in-depth, scientific content aimed at an international audience of quantum researchers and experts across all qubit platforms.  As the Quantum Computing Marketing Manager, you’ll collaborate with the diverse teams at QM, including research, development, and product, while being exposed to cutting-edge quantum technologies. You will also cooperate with leading research labs across the globe, produce scientific and technological materials, and participate in scientific events. Responsibilities:
  • QM Academy: owning the creation and development of the most cutting-edge quantum control knowledge-base for the quantum community. From mixer calibration through  qubit spectroscopy to quantum error correction
  • Developing a variety of scientific content assets by closely collaborating with physicists (both our customers and the R&D team) – including quantum research case studies, white papers, scientific blog posts, web content,  and brochures
  • Oversee company participation in scientific and industry events (APS March Meeting, IEEE Quantum Week, IOP Quantum, etc.), including writing scientific abstracts for talks and helping with the development of decks for speaking opportunities
  • Building the scientific content for company webinars, colloquiums, and other events 
  • MSc / Ph.D. in Experimental Quantum Physics with a strong understanding of quantum computing – a must
  • A storyteller at heart. You’re an expert at finding the right phrasing to motivate people and explain complex concepts in a straightforward manner.
  • Native/ Native-level English speaker
  • Growth mindset, willingness to learn new skills and tools
  • A team player with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated, passionate, and proactive
  • Analytical, organized, and detail-oriented
  • Creative thinker and problem solver
  • Relevant communications and marketing project management experience – a plus

Hardware Engineer – Israel

We are looking for a brilliant engineer to join us and face some of the biggest challenges set by quantum computers’ incredible complexity. As a hardware engineer, you will be on top of achieving the extremely demanding hardware specifications needed to allow the potential of quantum computing. You will do a hands-on design of our most demanding analog board, their bring-up, and their integration in our quantum orchestration hardware platform. In contrast to classical (non-quantum) computers, in which the logic gates are physically embedded into the processor, in quantum computers, the logic gates are microwave pulses (at GHz frequencies) radiated onto the quantum bits. Experience:
  • Education: EE degree (BSc/MSc/Ph.D. – a plus).
  • At least 10 years of experience.
  • Design of high-speed digital boards, DDR4, PCIe, serdes at 28 Gb/s or higher.
  • Design of RF boards 4 GHz and up.
  • Design of mixed-signal circuits.
  • Design of board which includes high-speed DACs and ADCs at 2 GSPS and above
  • Signal integrity – simulation
  • Solid experience and deep understanding of analog features such as SFDR, ENOB, jitter, phase-noise, etc. and techniques to reach cutting-edge performance,
  • Working with a variety of standard lab test equipment (Scope, Signal Gen, Spectrum Analyzers, Logic Analyzer, etc.).
  • Vast experience boards bring-up.
  • Build automation scripts – a plus.
  • Experience with EDA & CAD tools – a plus.
  • Experience in VHDL/Verilog and/or C/C++/Python other – a plus.

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