QDAC is a 24 channel high-precision low-noise voltage generator for DC and intermediate-frequency control of quantum electronics and QPUs, including gate electrodes and flux bias coils for qubits. With current sensing and AWGs on each channel, a very versatile instrument that can be used for gate-leakage detection, fast tune-up algorithms, providing stable operation points, and many more applications.

Precision Voltage Generators

QDAC is a high-precision, 25-bit resolution, ultra-low-noise DAC with 24 voltage channel generators with a 1 MS/s sample rate and a step size of 0.12 μ. Each of the 24 channels has five voltage generators working in parallel: One for DC, a sine generator, a triangle generator, a square wave generator, and an arbitrary waveform generator.

Fast tune-up and operation point control

Performs fast multi-dimensional gate voltage sweeps using a 300 kHz output filter. Once at your operation point, the QDAC is switchable to an ultra-low noise DC voltage with a 10 Hz output filter and 25-bit resolution, with minimal transients.

Complete and scalable solution

The QDAC offers a high-performance and versatile solution with an endless number of applications. Multiple OPX+ and QDAC units can be stacked and synchronized to operate as one advanced quantum control system.

Key Features

  • Ultra-low noise and ultra-stable 24-channel voltage source
  • Unique low pass filter with 3 ranges that can be switched between with minimal transients: cut-off 300 KHz, cut-off 10 KHz, and cut-off 10 Hz
  • 25-bit resolution in DC mode (10 Hz cut-off), 20-bit in medium bandwidth mode (10 kHz cut-off), and in high bandwidth (fast) mode (300 kHz cut-off)
  • One million samples per second per channel
  • Each channel has multiple standard waveform generators and an arbitrary waveform generator
  • Individual high-resolution low-frequency current sensors on every channel, measuring current simultaneously on all channels
  • Advanced triggering and synchronization functions between channels with sub-microsecond precision


Multiple Waveforms

Each of the 24-channels has five voltage generators working in parallel: one for DC, a sine, triangle and square wave generator, and an arbitrary waveform generator (1 million points/second) 

Built-in Sensitive Current Sensors

Each channel includes a DC current sensor with a resolution down to a few tens of pA, typically used for gate leakage detection and with sample rates up to 3 kHz

Ultra Stable Voltage Source

Low noise floor (<20 nV/√Hz), ensuring reliable qubit operation points

Reduces Experiment Setup Costs

Built-in function generators (including AWG) and current sensors reduce the need for additional instruments

Additional Resources


QDAC: Ultra-Low-Noise 24-Channel DAC


QDAC: Ultra-Low-Noise 24-Channel DAC

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