Full stack quantum control solution for smooth HPC-quantum integration. From co-scheduling and multi-user management to deep quantum pulse level optimization and state-of-the-art cryogenic electronics.

As quantum computers evolve in scale and quality and start moving out of research labs, it has become apparent that integrating them with high-performance computing (HPC) makes a lot of sense. Once well integrated, quantum computers can accelerate classical applications, taking over tasks tuned to exploit their unique processing capabilities, similar to the way other accelerators such as graphics and tensor processing units are used with HPC today.

Integration with HPC Infrastructure Made Simple

Quantum Machines offers HPC integrators, users, and full-stack quantum computer providers a unified interface to quantum processors that makes quantum computing a seamless part of the overall HPC infrastructure. This enables harnessing the full power of quantum computing with no wasted effort. It’s a quantum control solution like no other, that bridges the gap between HPC-quantum integration and creates the most advanced HPC-quantum computers in the world.

Comprehensive Software Stack

Standard APIs such as SLURM and LDAP, HPC-quantum co-scheduling and multi-user (authorization, security, and accounting), gate-level (OpenQASM3) programming, and deep access to quantum processor pulse-level programming (QUA) for code optimization

Best in Class
Quantum Control Hardware

Room temperature and millikelvin hardware. Qubit control and readout in DC to 18 GHz range, supporting multiple qubit technologies, and scalable QPUs, using QM’s unique Pulse Processing Unit (PPU) technology for processing and arbitrary feedback on a quantum coherence timescale.

Complete Quantum Control Solution

From cryogenic electronics to software integration, QM provides a full-stack quantum control solution that is flexible, powerful, reliable, and field-proven.

Best Quantum
Performance for HPC

Benefit from highest fidelity and longest coherence times at scale. Run complex quantum programs in seconds and dramatically reduce HPC load.

Economically Scalable
Quantum-HPC Solution

Assures cost-effective quantum system growth –  reducing control cost per qubit as quantum processors scale.

Reduce Quantum-HPC
Integration Costs

Aligned with standardization as it evolves – implementing a classical-quantum interface that fosters ecosystem growth and reduces integration costs.

Support Multiple QPUs

Unified interface to a large span of QPU technologies, future-ready to assimilate novel QPU technologies as quantum research progresses.