A comprehensive hardware and software solution facilitates the seamless integration of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Quantum computing, providing ultra-fast GPU resource access for quantum control, co-scheduling, multi-user management, and ensuring long-term operation. As quantum computers advance in scale and quality, transitioning from research labs to practical applications, integration with high-performance computing (HPC) becomes a crucial step. Once integrated, quantum computers can leverage classical resources within HPC for implementing quantum error correction (QEC) at scale, progressing towards a fault-tolerant quantum computing era. This integration empowers quantum computers to accelerate classical applications, handling tasks optimized to exploit their distinctive processing capabilities, similar to other accelerators such as graphics and tensor processing units used in HPC today.

High Performance

Trusted by builders of the world’s largest and most advanced quantum computers, the scalable OPX1000 is the industry’s first quantum controller truly designed to seamlessly integrate with GPUs. This capability is made possible through DGX Quantum, an exclusive partnership between NVIDIA and Quantum Machine. The OPX1000 seamlessly interconnects with NVIDIA Grace Hopper GPUs via an ultra-fast PCIe interface. With a sub-five microseconds roundtrip latency, it surpasses other solutions by at least 1,000 times. This ultra-fast and native connectivity facilitates the implementation of quantum error correction algorithms at scale and spurs innovative hybrid applications. It’s the best of both worlds – combining powerful quantum and classical processing.

Maximum Quantum Computer Utilization

QM HPC-Quantum integrated solution allows optimal time sharing of scarce quantum resources. It can serve multiple users with maximum quantum processor utilization through QBridge, a SLURM extension software package. Co-developed by Quantum Machines and ParTec, QBridge is an ideal choice for data centers where multitasking and performance are vital.




Long-Term Operation

Truly optimized for data centers, OPX1000 quantum controller boasts redundancy and hot-swappable critical components such as power supplies, fans, management ports, and clocks. This robust design ensures high availability, guaranteeing uninterrupted long-term operation in demanding data center environments for both cloud and on-premises services. Additionally, the OPX1000 is fully compliant with industry safety standards, including CE, FCC, and other local certifications.

Key Benefits

Best Performance

Combining the industry’s leading quantum controller and GPU, the OPX1000 and Grace-Hopper, in an ultra-fast integrated solution – DGX Quantum, 1,000 times faster than competing alternatives.

Maximum Quantum Computer Utilization

Intelligent co-scheduling and multi-tasking capabilities enable the optimal utilization of scarce quantum resources, while seamlessly managing them alongside other resources within the HPC environment.

Open Platfrom

Agnostic to quantum processor types – whether superconducting, atoms, ions, spin, or any other innovative qubit technology.

Smooth Scalability

Easily incorporate OPX1000 and Grace Hopper hardware resources for enhanced computational power with minimal effort and no software redesign. Accurate synchronization and fast data sharing are assured.

Long-Term Operation

Optimized for reliable operation in data center environments with redundancy and hot-swappable critical components, fully compliant with industry safety standards such as CE, FCC, and other relevant local certifications.