QCage are sample holder systems for microwave resonator based quantum devices. The product range features both the relatively compact QCage.24 for versatile and flexible microwave measurements and the upscaled QCage.64 for operating quantum processors with up to 30 qubits. These provide optimal solutions with regards to both performance metrics for coherent operations and ease-of-use in a lab workflow.


QCage.24 is a versatile sample holder system which fit into most common sample loader puck systems but can also be mounted directly into a fridge with options for both perpendicular out-of-plane and flat in-plane mounting configurations. The QCage.24 is equipped with a low-loss PCB with 24 embedded coplanar transmission lines. It supports up to 10 qubits providing flexibility for a wide range of experiments. The optimized cavity and PCB is optimized to ensure resonance-free transmission up to 18GHz. An EMC tight superconducting enclosure minimizes electromagnetic interference, while an internal flux biasing magnet offers precise control for your experiments.


QCage.64 takes quantum research to new heights with its expanded capacity, supporting up to 30 qubits using the 64 embedded transmission lines. Optimized for resonance-free transmission up to 8 GHz, this system is designed for peak performance. Like its counterpart, QCage.64 features an EMC tight superconducting enclosure for electromagnetic compatibility. The inclusion of a flux biasing magnet inside the shielding guarantees precise control and stability for your experiments.

Magnetic Shielding

QCage Magnetic Shielding is available for both QCage.24 and QCage.64, providing unparalleled protection and thermalization. Featuring a top flange plate with convenient mounting holes for easy loading, this shielding consists of a special cryogenic alloy that creates an outer mu-metal shield to avoid flux trapping. An inner superconducting Al can surface, treated and sleeved by copper, achieves full Meissner effect shielding, eliminating external stray magnetic fields and radiation. Two variants with either 24 SMA or 64 SMP connections offer flexibility, and QCage.64 can accommodate one QCage.64 unit or two QCage.24 units.

Key Features


  • Sample chip fully suspended in cavity to minimize losses and decoherence
  • Demonstrated Q factor up to 200 million and coherence times over 200 microseconds
  • Low-loss PCB with embedded coplanar transmission lines
  • EMC tight superconducting shielding enclosure
  • Thermalization of cavity around PCB and sample chip ensured through gold-plated beryllium copper bolts
  • Cavity and PCB optimized to ensure resonance-free transmission
  • Seamlessly integrates with many fridge types, both bottom-loading and full-stack installations
  • Mounting hardware included for most common fridge types
  • Flux biasing magnet mounted inside superconducting shielding



High Q Factor proved up to >200 million and Coherence Times > 200 microseconds

Unique design that eliminates losses from boundaries, interfaces, materials, etc.

Shields Out All Infrared
and Microwave Photons

Enclosed in a gold-plated copper-based microwave cavity with a completely sealed superconducting enclosure

to Use

Offering a seamless solution for interfacing quantum processors with an optimized workflow from chip fabrication to full stack installation

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