Designed by QDevil, now part of Quantum Machines, QCage are sample holder systems for microwave resonator-based quantum devices. Enclosing the chip in an all-surrounding cavity with coaxial transmission lines, QCage is ideal for operating tens of qubits.


Compact solution for versatile and flexible microwave measurements.


Upscaled solution for operating quantum processors with up to 30 qubits.

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic shielding is available for cold finger mounting of both QCage.24 and QCage.64 directly to the cryogenic interface plate with a connection flange for fridge wiring.

State-of-the-Art Performance

QCage.24 and QCage.64 feature the same sample holder concept that encloses the chip in an all-surrounding microwave cavity. The carefully-engineered design is optimized for both superior qubit performance and a seamless lab workflow – from fabrication through wire bonding and device prescreening, including stack quantum computer integration.

Key Features

  • Sample chip fully suspended in cavity to minimize losses and decoherence
  • Demonstrated Q factor up to 200 million and coherence times over 200 microseconds
  • Low loss PCB with embedded coplanar transmission lines
  • EMC tight superconducting shielding enclosure
  • Thermalization of cavity around PCB and sample chip ensured through gold plated beryllium copper bolts
  • Cavity and PCB optimized to ensure resonance free transmission
  • Seamlessly integrates with many fridge types, both bottom-loading and full-stack installations
  • Mounting hardware included for most common fridge types
  • Flux biasing magnet mounted inside superconducting shielding


High Q Factor
and Coherence Times

Unique design that eliminates losses from boundaries, interfaces, materials, etc.

Shields Out All Infrared
and Microwave Photons

Enclosed in a gold-plated copper-based microwave cavity with a completely sealed superconducting enclosure

to Use

Offering a seamless solution for interfacing quantum processors with an optimized workflow from chip fabrication to full stack installation

More Products


Reliable 24-channel fully shielded Fischer connector to BNC breakout box, with sample protection.


Auto-calibrated IQ mixing and local oscillator system, for signals up- and down- conversion, extending the OPX+ range to 18GHz.


FPGA-based controller for real-time quantum sequences, offering the lowest analog feedback latency and the shortest runtimes.


Non-magnetic sample holder for quantum electronics, with 48 RC-filtered low-frequency linesand 16 RF lines with bias tees.


Compact multi-stage low-pass cryogenic filter ensuring millikelvin electron temperature in 24 lines simultaneously.


Ultra-low-noise 24-channel DAC, up to 25 bit resolution and 1MS/s, for DC and low-frequency control.