Octave is an auto-calibrated compact instrument for up/down conversion of OPX+ baseband signals (DC – 400 MHz) to microwave signals (2 – 18 GHz). With Octave, you can have full confidence in your microwave signals’ fidelity, hassle-free – leaving you time to focus on what matters: your qubits.

Accelerate Experiments

Octave has built-in IQ mixers and local oscillators – offering a comprehensive setup without asking your team to deal with mixer calibrations – Octave calibrates mixers automatically in a fraction of a second.

Modular Solution

Unlike traditional quantum control solutions that use fixed channels, either baseband or microwave, OPX+ with Octave provides channels that are either baseband when connected directly from OPX+ or microwave if routed through Octave – allowing for easy modification as needed.

Easy to Scale

By stacking multiple Octave units. Whether you’re experimenting on a single qubit or many qubits, Octave scales with your QPU.

Key Features

  • Covers the entire range from 2 to 18 GHz
  • 5 upconverters and 2 downconverters
  • 3 independent internal synthesizers and option for up to 5 external synthesizers
  • Seamlessly and coherently integrates with OPX+ quantum controller
  • Ultra-fast switching of output RF signal with high on/off isolation
  • Ultra-fast automated image and LO leakage calibration to >50 dBc

Advanced Microwave Solution for
Quantum Computing

Simplify your lab setup with a complete
upconversion/downconversion solution

Have full control over your LOs
(bring your own!)

Consult our quantum team
at any time

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