QSwitch is a versatile low-frequency signal routing box that seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. By streamlining cable management and offering software-controlled convenience, QSwitch makes the last manual lab operations obsolete. It also enables easy monitoring and control via USB and LAN interfaces, making it a perfect fit for your measurement scripts.

Software-Controlled Signal Routing

QSwitch’s 240 software-controlled relays offer maximum flexibility to connect any Fischer line to a Fischer input or any of 8 BNCs for monitoring and control.


Automate Your Measurements

Integrate entire measurement sequences into experimental scripts saving valuable research time. QSwitch not only permits off-hour autonomous experiments but also encourages the sharing of standardized measurement scripts among experiments and researchers.

Ease of Programming

By employing user-friendly SCPI commands, users can effortlessly control, log, and oversee all signal paths, and embed these commands into their control scripts – such as Python scripts – with mere minutes of set-up time.

Reliable Operation

QSwitch ensures reliable qubit performance with low mutual capacitance and low switching transients. QSwitch is also built with protective mechanisms, such as soft-grounding of all signal lines during power disruption, safeguarding your valuable instruments.

Double Shielded Low Noise Cable

QSwitch uses two flexible, low-noise cables with 24-channel Fischer connectors on each end to connect to the QDAC-II and the dilution refrigerator wiring. The cable comes with braided metal underneath the plastic braid, which helps in reducing noise pickup further.

Key Features

  • Signal Routing: All 24 Fischer lines can be connected to their Fischer input or any parallel BNC connector, floated, and soft-grounded through 1 MΩ resistors. 
  • Software Control: Allows remote experiment control using SCPI commands in languages such as Python.
  • Optimal Signal Integrity: Ultra-low noise, minimal crosstalk, low mutual capacitance in twisted pairs, and minimal transients for reliable qubit operation.
  • Safety Mechanisms: Built-in protection via soft-grounding (1 MΩ); automatic grounding before signal lines are opened during power disruptions.
  • Ease of Setup: Includes flexible, low-noise cable assembly and setup instructions to implement switching commands into experiment scripts within minutes.


Remote Mastery

No need for physical presence! Automate channel switches to different instruments to program series of various measurements, and remotely control connections with ease. 


Say goodbye to manual cabling adjustments and measurement taking. Implement entire measurement procedures in your experiment scripts, allowing you to auto-run experiments off-hours and share standard measurement scripts among experiments and students.

Intuitive Programming

Benefit from intuitive SCPI commands that control and monitor all signal routing and are implemented in your control scripts such as Python within minutes.

Focus on Your Core Research

Don’t spend valuable research hours manually carrying out repetitive measurement and characterization processes. With QSwitch, automate one of the last steps in your measurement procedures and focus on the qubit chip and physics itself.

Reliable Signal Integrity

Experience reliable signal routing with an ultra-low added noise floor and minimal crosstalk. Benefit from low mutual capacitance and minimal switching transients (<10 µV) for reliable qubit operation.

Built-In Safety

Features automatic soft-grounding during power disruptions to ensure that your instruments are always protected.

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