QSwitch is a software-controllable breakout box specialized for quantum labs and low-temperature experiments. Seamlessly program the routing of your 24-line Fischer cable using the relay switch matrix to 8 BNC lines using intuitive USB and LAN communication. All lines of the Fischer cable can be connected to a parallel BNC connector, floated, and/or soft-grounded through 1 MΩ resistors.

Automate the Measurement Process

Save valuable in-person research hours by automating one of the last manual steps in measurements: signal routing and device connection. Use intuitive SCPI commands to implement control and monitoring of signal routing into your experiment software within minutes.


Remote Signal Routing

QSwitch enables researchers to automate their channel switches to varying instruments, program an array of measurements, and manage these connections remotely over ethernet.

Double Shielded Low Noise Cable

QSwitch is used with a flexible, low-noise cable assembly with 24-channel Fischer connectors on each end. The cable comes with braided metal underneath the plastic braid, which helps in reducing noise pickup further.

Key Features

QSwitch is a remote-controllable breakout box specialized for quantum labs and low-temperature experiments.
  • Remote Control: Allows remote experiment control using SCPI commands in scripts like Python.
  • Versatility: Ground, float, and/or switch to BNC connectors for each channel.
  • Optimal Configuration: Internally, QSwitch is designed with PCB lines twisted in pairs for the best noise immunity.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Fits into a standard 19” rack with a 2U height.
  • Advanced Shielding: The Fischer cable wires are individually shielded twisted pairs, fortified further with an external metal braid. QSwitch is grounded through the Fischer cable, which extends the cryostat shield and avoids ground loops.
  • Safety Assured: Automatic soft grounding ensures protection during power outages.


Remote Mastery

No need for physical presence! Automate channel switches to different instruments to program series of various measurements, and remotely control connections with ease. 


Say goodbye to manual cabling adjustments and measurement taking. Implement entire measurement procedures in your experiment scripts, allowing you to auto-run experiments off-hours and share standard measurement scripts among experiments and students.

Intuitive Programming

Benefit from intuitive SCPI commands that control and monitor all signal routing and are implemented in your control scripts such as Python within minutes.

Focus on Your Core Research

Don’t spend valuable research hours manually carrying out repetitive measurement and characterization processes. With QSwitch, automate one of the last steps in your measurement procedures and focus on the qubit chip and physics itself.

Reliable Signal Integrity

Experience reliable signal routing with an ultra-low added noise floor and minimal crosstalk. Benefit from low mutual capacitance and minimal switching transients (<10 µV) for reliable qubit operation.

Built-In Safety

Features automatic soft-grounding during power disruptions to ensure that your instruments are always protected.

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