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Quantum Technologies and Quantum Control Systems with Dr. Itamar Sivan

Dr. Sivan describes some the basics and the intricacies of quantum computing. When you listen, you’ll learn about the difference


Practical AI Podcast: Hybrid computing and quantum processors with Yonatan Cohen

It’s been a while since we’ve touched on quantum computing. It’s time for an update! This week we talk with Yonatan from Quantum Machines


Being an Engineer Podcast: Yonatan Cohen on Quantum Computing

Yonatan Cohen   holds bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees in physics, and is co-founder and CTO at   Quantum Machines   where their team of


Meet the meQuanics with Itamar Sivan

Dr. Itamar Sivan, Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Machines, introduces Quantum MAchines at Meet the meQuanics.


Quantum Error Correction with Quantum Machines

We often hear that the path to fault-tolerant quantum computing will require error correction. How will this technique work? Join host


Quantum Tech Pod: Quantum Control Systems With Per Nyberg

Per Nyberg, VP of Strategic Markets and Alliances at Quantum Machines, shares what it's like to be part of an industry “being born in front of


Quantum Computing Now: Why Quantum Needs Classical with Itamar Sivan

Listen to this deep dive with Itamar Sivan, Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Machines to learn why he got into quantum computing and the importance


Quantum Technologies and Quantum Control Systems

Dive into the difference between classical computers and quantum processors, the weaknesses involved in the quantum system such as the paradox


RF Goes Quantum – How RF Engineering is Shaping the Future of Quantum Computers

This presentation looks at at the basic principles on which quantum computers work and how quantum computers beat classical computers. It also