QBoard is a state-of-the-art multipurpose cryogenic quantum chip holder system. It offers excel­lent thermalization down to millikelvin covers and a broad operating spectrum from DC up to 8 GHz. With 48 DC/low-frequency channels and 16 high-frequency channels (GHz), QBoard supports control and readout of up to eight spin qubits.

Modular Design

QBoard consists of a motherboard, multiple daughterboard sample holder options, an interposer, a mounting bracket, and all necessary cables for connecting the QBoard to the cold finger of a typical dilution refrigerator, or to the inside of cryostat’s measurement insert.

Easy Exchangeable Sample Holders

The quantum chip is mounted and wire bonded to a daughterboard (6.3×6.8 mm ² and 10.5×10.5mm² sample space options). It serves as a chip carrier, offering a high degree of flexibility. The daughterboard has a 0.5 mm deep gold plated cavity into which the sample chip can be glued.

High Frequency Daughterboard

The high-frequency daughterboard (6.3×10.5 mm² sample space) extends the frequency range of the system to at least 12 GHz with four on-board mini-SMP connectors. This is useful for applications such as readout of superconducting resonators, sub-nanosecond gate-voltage pulses, and high-bandwidth frequency sweeps.

ESD Protection

A grounding plate grounds and protects samples from ESD while mounting, wire bonding, and transferring these in the QBoard daughterboards. The grounding plate is used with the QBoard Interposer to ground all lines from the daughterboard while mounting and wire bonding chips. A short cable is provided to connect securely to the ground, both in the wire bonder and while the daughterboard is transferred to the QBoard motherboard.

Key Features

  • Plug-and-play chip carrier for quantum processors with up to eight spin qubits
  • End to end solution for a variety of cryogenic electronic experiments with combined DC and RF
  • Modular motherboard/daughterboard design optimized for frequencies up to 8 GHz
  • Integrates filtering and bias-tees on the motherboard for combining DC and fast RF signals
  • Integrates tank circuit resonators on the daughterboard for fast reflectometry read-out
  • Various daughterboards for different chip sizes with corresponding bond-pad layout
  • Includes shielding cavity lid for noise isolation and microwave containment
  • Supports workflow for different experiments that interface with the same QBoard installation
  • Design and materials optimized for thermal, electrical and magnetic integrity
  • Easy integration with bottom loading dilution refrigerators for fast experimental turnaround
  • Made of non-magnetic materials
  • 48 RC-filtered low-frequency lines, in two 51-pin nano-D connectors wired in parallel
  • 16 RF lines with two 8-pin mini-coax connectors.
  • 16 bias tees on the motherboard for all RF lines
  • Mounting bracket for inserts of popular dilution refrig­erators, CAD files for uers who use other brackets

Proven Track

QBoard solutions have been successfully adopted by more than 80 research groups, startups, and established companies.

Scalable Spin
Qubit QPU

16 high-density transmission lines spanning from DC to 8 GHz (12 GHz with the high frequency daughterboard), and 48 low-frequency lines, makes QBoard an ideal interface to operate qubit quantum processors with up to eight spin qubits.

Enables Cutting Edge Experiments

Offering a seamless solution for cutting edge experiments with compact dimensions to fit both parallel and perpendicular mounting – a key feature for investigating hybrid nanodevices in magnetic fields.

Focus Actual Research  Instead on Setups

With this optimized, tested, and well-documented system you do not need to spend valuable research hours on designing and manufacturing chip carriers and connectors tocontact your quantum chip.

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