From state-of-the-art cryogenic electronics to the industry’s most advanced quantum control systems, Quantum Machines’ solutions provide the best performance, ease of use, and scalability like no other.

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Coherent control of a multi-qubit dark state in waveguide quantum electrodynamics

Spin-strain coupling in nanodiamonds as a unique cluster identifier

On-demand electrical control of spin qubits

Demonstration of universal control between non-interacting qubits using the Quantum Zeno effect

Nanoscale Electric Field Imaging with an Ambient Scanning Quantum Sensor Microscope

Number-Resolved Photocounter for Propagating Microwave Mode

Mitigation of quasiparticle loss in superconducting qubits by phonon scattering

A superconducting quantum simulator based on a photonic-bandgap metamaterial

Reproducibility and Gap Control of Superconducting Flux Qubits

Schrödinger cat states of a 16-microgram mechanical oscillator

Dissipative Stabilization of Squeezing Beyond 3 dB in a Microwave Mode

Achieve your quantum research goals with confidence using field-proven control systems deployed successfully in top national and academic labs.

From Unboxing to Randomized Benchmarking
in Under 48 Hours

Unique, flexible, agile multi-core processor-based controller designed to meet the needs of advanced quantum research. Supporting multiple qubit technologies at any QPU scale – radio/microwave (up to 18 GHz), laser, and magnetic-driven systems.

Tweezer Array and Atoms Arrangement with Minimal Jerk Trajectory

Real-time processing and on-the-fly pulse manipulation allow for smooth, complex signal generation, advancing the performance of neutral atoms qubit systems.

Error Mitigation
via Real-time Qubit
Frequency Tracking

Extremely intuitive Quantum Universal Assembly (QUA) – pulse-level programming, combining classical calculations with quantum pulses and control flow, executed in real-time by the embedded Pulse Processing Unit (PPU). Out-of-the-box workflow libraries that save significant development time and ensure the highest fidelity.

Best Q Factor and Coherence Time

State-of-the-art cryogenic sample holders and multi-stage filters, compact and with ultra-low noise, ensure the highest fidelity – demonstrating superconducting resonator Q factors as high as 200 million and coherence times of more than 200 microseconds.

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Achieve More in Your Research Faster Than Ever

Best Real-Time

Fully parametric feedback on quantum coherence timescale. On-the-fly pulse generation and manipulation. Ultra-fast 220 ns conditional feedback.

Best Customer Service
On Your Side

Experienced experimental physicists with a deep understanding of use cases will help you bring up your system, train your team, and solve challenges.

Fastest Time
to Result

Run the most complex quantum algorithms in minutes versus months with other solutions. Ensure the highest fidelity and dramatically reduce time and labor with a broad out-of-the-box library of workflows – from calibrations to QEC and Bayesian estimations, and more.


Scalable platform with no need for software or hardware redesign. Program 1,000 qubits as easily as programming one.

Control & Cryogenic Electronics
That Bring Out the Best of Your Qubits


Sample holder for microwave resonators-based quantum devices, allowing high-fidelity operation of tens of qubits up to 18 GHz.


All-in-one quantum control and readout with real-time processing and analog feedback on quantum coherence timescale


Auto-calibrated IQ mixing and local oscillator system, for signals up- and down- conversion, extending the OPX+ range to 18GHz.


Ultra-low-noise 24-channel DAC, up to 25 bit resolution and 1MS/s, for DC and low-frequency control.


Compact multi-stage low-pass cryogenic filter ensuring millikelvin electron temperature in 24 lines simultaneously.


Non-Magnetic Advanced Sample Holder. Operating spin qubits with combined DC and RF lines


Reliable 24-channel fully shielded Fischer connector to BNC breakout box, with sample protection.