Full-stack quantum computer builders and researchers are racing to deliver quantum computing breakthroughs that will have a lasting impact on the industry as it will transition to the much-desired fault-tolerant quantum computing era. At Quantum Machines, we are dedicated to building and deploying a comprehensive control stack – hardware and software, for the largest and most advanced quantum computers in the world.

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Best Quantum Technology

Whether you’re utilizing superconducting, atoms, ions, spin, or any other innovative qubit technology, Quantum Machines provides quantum computer builders with a cutting-edge control platform that is flexible, agile, and scalable to meet your specific needs. At the heart of the solution is OPX1000, a processor-based, modular controller designed for 1,000 qubits and beyond. It uniquely combines real-time classical processing and control flow at the core of quantum control, as well as state-of-the-art analog performance at scale. To further enhance the operation of large-scale quantum processors, DGX Quantum provides an additional boost in classical processing from OPX1000. Co-developed with NVIDIA, DGX Quantum offers seamless integration with the Grace Hopper GPUs, resulting in a sub 5µs round-trip delay. This enables the implementation of advanced quantum error correction algorithms and opens the door for creative hybrid application development.

Smooth Software Integration

A comprehensive software solution that revolutionizes quantum development by offering seamless integration with QUDA Quantum and OpenQASM 3.0 for hybrid application development while simultaneously providing deep access to QUA for precision pulse-level programming optimization. Out-of-the-box workflow libraries further streamline development, saving you time and ensuring the highest fidelity results. Whether you’re designing a quantum computer for on-premises or cloud services, for your usage, HPC centers, national labs, or others, for a single type of quantum computer or multiple, this powerful toolkit empowers you to conquer the complexities of quantum computing with unmatched speed, accuracy, and control. Dive deeper, innovate faster, and unlock the full potential of the quantum realm.

Ready for HPC

With redundant and hot-swappable critical components, as well as FCC and CE safety certifications, the robust hardware design ensures high availability. This guarantees uninterrupted, long-term operation in demanding data center environments. Moreover, optimal time-sharing of scarce quantum resources and support for multiple users are facilitated through QBridge, a SLURM extension software package. Co-developed by Quantum Machines and ParTec, QBridge is an ideal choice for data centers where multitasking and performance are crucial.

Practical Quantum Computing
Begins with Quantum Control


Dramatically accelerate time-to-market and reduce labor with out-of-the-box workflows and easy programming for quantum computer characterization and set up.


PPU – processor-based technology for the fastest real-time and feedback performance. GPU acceleration with DGX Quantum. Highest fidelity and uptime with out-of-the-box workflows (frequency tracking,  drift compensation, recalibration, QEC, Bayesian estimation).  

Easy to

Scaling with minimum effort and no software redesign. Programming 1,000 qubits is as easy as programming a single qubit.

Ready for

Featuring a robust design for assured long-term operation. Integrating quantum seamlessly into HPC environments through standard HPC management APIs such as SLURM and LDAP.

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Experienced experimental physicists with a deep understanding of quantum processors will help bring up your system,  train, and solve challenges.