Full-stack quantum computing companies and researchers are racing to deliver quantum computing breakthroughs that will leave a lasting impact on the industry. At QM, we’re building and deploying a control stack for the most advanced quantum computers in the world.

Develop your quantum computer (QC) confidently using the most advanced control stack on the market- agile, flexible to adapt quantum-classic innovation and standardization, and field-proven by full-stack QC vendors, HPC centers, and national labs worldwide.

Best Quantum Control

Unique multi-core processor-based technology that delivers the best quantum performance. Purpose-built for quantum physics, flexible and agile to meet the evolving needs of the rapidly progressing quantum innovation.

State-of-the-Art Cryogenic Electronics

Sample holders and multi-stage filters, compact and with ultra-low noise, ensure the highest fidelity – demonstrating superconducting resonator Q factors as high as 200 million and coherence times of more than 200 microseconds.

Comprehensive Software Stack

Intuitive, pulse-level Quantum Assembly (QUA) programming provides deep access to QC code development and optimization. OpenQASM3 compiler extension enables easy porting of quantum gate-level circuits to QUA. Out-of-the-box workflow libraries that save significant development time and ensure the highest fidelity.

Practical Quantum Computing
Begins with Quantum Control

Fastest Quantum
Computer Bring-Up

Dramatically accelerate time-to-market and reduce labor with a characterization (spectroscopy) and validation (Randomized benchmarking) in minutes.


Highest fidelity and uptime with out-of-the-box workflows (frequency tracking,  drift compensation, recalibration, QEC, Bayesian estimation), using ultra-fast, fully parametric feedback technology. 


Reduce cost per qubit as your quantum processor grows. Scale with minimum effort and no software  redesign. Programming 1,000 qubits is as easy as programming a single qubit.

HPC-Ready: Must-Have
for HPC Centers

Standard HPC management APIs such as SLURM and LDAP, deep access to quantum processor assembly for quantum software optimization.

Best Customer Service
On Your Side

Experienced experimental physicists with a deep understanding of quantum processors will help bring up your system,  train, and solve challenges.