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ParTec AG and Quantum Machines Intensify Successful Cooperation

Munich, November 27, 2023 – ParTec AG, a leader in the development and construction of modular supercomputers, and Quantum Machines, a provider of breakthrough quantum control solutions that accelerate the development of practical quantum computers, have announced plans to intensify their collaboration.

ParTec and Quantum Machines will collaborate on the development of products that bring together Quantum Machines’s Quantum Orchestration Platform with ParTec’s proprietary IP. By 2024, ParTec will provide a comprehensive qubit-agnostic solution based on a component-based design and with Quantum Machines’s technology embedded within. This approach allows customers to acquire various quantum processing unit (QPU) technologies from different manufacturers, and have them integrated in a uniform system architecture from one supplier, tailored to their specific needs.

Earlier this year, ParTec and Quantum Machines unveiled QBridge, which was developed by the two companies forms the foundation for seamlessly embedding high-performance and quantum computers. QBridge provides a secure, efficient, and familiar environment for large HPC centers, cloud providers, and research groups seeking to integrate quantum computers into their existing infrastructure. Enhanced with ParTec’s ParaStation Modulo software suite, QBridge facilitates modular computing capacity between classical high-performance computing resources and quantum computing resources.

QBridge is currently undergoing testing at the Israeli Quantum Computing Centre, with plans for general availability by the end of 2023.

Bernhard Frohwitter, CEO of ParTec AG, remarked, “ParTec’s expertise in the development of modular supercomputers and quantum computers perfectly aligns with Quantum Machines’ revolutionary technology which allows running even the most advanced quantum algorithms in a wide range of quantum computers and their seamless integration into HPCs.”

Quantum Machines CEO Itamar Sivan added, “Our collaboration with ParTec ushers a quantum future that empowers HPC systems with quantum accelerators, and empowers quantum computers with classical HPC resources. It is a major step for quantum-classical

As part of its strategic expansion, ParTec will build a new production plant in Munich for the assembly and testing of cryogenic and non-cryogenic quantum systems. The investment costs are expected to amount to five million euros in the first step. The “ParTec Quantum Factory” is scheduled to start operations in the second half of 2024.

About ParTec AG: 
ParTec AG specialises in the development and manufacture of modular supercomputers and quantum computers as well as accompanying system software. Its offering includes the sale of pioneering high-performance computers (HPC) and quantum computers (QC) as well as consulting and support services in all areas of the development, construction and operation of these advanced systems. The dynamic Modular System Architecture (dMSA) approach is a unique and successful feature of ParTec AG, which has proven particularly successful for the complex requirements of massive computing power in AI. Further information on the company and ParTec AG’s innovative solutions in the field of high-performance computing and quantum computing can be found at www.par-tec.com.

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