Quantum Machines Releases Revolutionary Control System that Utilizes Digital Direct Synthesis to Deliver Record Analog Performance and Qubit Control Density

New MW-FEM is an industry-first combination of a processor-based controller with all-digital signal generation, accelerating the path to 10,000 qubits control. 

Tel Aviv, Israel – February 27, 2024 – Quantum Machines, the leading provider of breakthrough quantum control solutions, today announced the release of an advanced digital direct-synthesis (DDS) microwave front-end module (MW-FEM) for OPX1000, its high-density, processor-based quantum controlᵀᴹ platform.  As an industry-first combination of a processor-based controller with all-digital signal generation, the new module represents a groundbreaking leap in quantum control, empowering researchers and full-stack quantum computer builders to push the boundaries of quantum computing.  

Key Benefits of the MW-FEM Include:

  • • Advanced direct digital synthesis technology (DDS): MW-FEM generates precise microwave signals in the 0.1 – 10.5 GHz frequency range, directly from digital waveforms, eliminating the need for complex calibration processes and offering unmatched flexibility, such as playing up to 8 tones, around 2 different carriers multiplexed to a single channel.   
  • • Exceptional analog signal fidelity: The solution delivers 2 GSa/s sampling rate (1 GSa/s for each quadrature) and 800 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, ultra-low phase noise (<-125 dBc/Hz at 6 GHz, 10 kHz offset), and excellent spectral purity (SFDR < 60 dBc over the entire spectrum) for high-precision qubit manipulation. 
  • • Best-in-class real-time processing: MW-FEM features QM’s unique Pulse Processing Unit (PPU) that brings real-time classical processing and control flow to the heart of quantum control. It provides unmatched agility and flexibility to run advanced quantum algorithms, with the best efficiency. 
  • • Compact design: Each MW-FEM module features 8 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs, and 8 digital I/O channels. Up to eight modules can fit in a single chassis, allowing users to easily scale the control capacity as their quantum processing unit grows by simply adding modules. 

OPX1000 and MW-FEM will be on display in booth #1317 at the APS March Meeting in Minneapolis on March 5-7, 2024.

“In the months leading up to the official launch, we presented the MW-FEM to our customers and were met with an overwhelming demand, signaling a strong market appetite and eagerness for early adoption of this groundbreaking product,” said Itamar Sivan, CEO and co-founder of Quantum Machines. “Through MW-FEM we continue to redefine the landscape of quantum control, enhancing OPX1000 with cutting-edge digital direct synthesis technology. This module offers unparalleled performance and flexibility, providing researchers and quantum computer developers with an essential tool for advancing diverse multi-qubit applications.”   

About DDS Technology

DDS provides signal purity, low-noise performance, and synchronization, crucial for maintaining quantum state coherence and achieving the best operation fidelities possible. These are critical factors as quantum systems scale in complexity and size. Employing DDS ensures that as the number of qubits grows, the control system can adeptly manage the complex interactions of quantum states with unparalleled accuracy and stability. This is a major advantage over traditional systems and other controllers in the market that utilize mixers and local oscillators. 

About Quantum Machines’ OPX1000

Launched in late 2023, OPX1000 is a modular processor-based quantum control platform featuring unmatched performance in feedback, runtime, and channel density, with up to 64 outputs and 16 inputs across 3 rack units. Designed for scalable quantum computing, OPX1000 supports extensive quantum processing units (QPUs) with its expandable multi-unit connectivity. The platform is being shipped globally.