Quantum Machines Products Now Available Through Oxford Instruments NanoScience for Streamlined Purchasing

Partnership creates one-stop-shop for cryogenics and quantum control

OXFORD, UK — 13.02.2024 — Quantum Machines, the leading provider of quantum control solutions that accelerate the realization of practical quantum computers, and Oxford Instruments, a leading provider of cryogenic systems, announced today a new partnership that will make Quantum Machines’ products available for purchase through Oxford Instruments sales channels. This collaboration will allow customers working on superconducting and spin qubit systems to purchase all required components from one vendor.

Benefits include:

•   Products integrated before shipment

•   Unified support and warranty

•   Single shipment

Quantum Machines’ full range of products is now available when purchasing Proteox dilution refrigerator systems from Oxford Instruments. The partnership provides a streamlined purchasing process for setting up new quantum labs or expanding existing ones. Customers can acquire world-class refrigeration systems and cutting-edge control and cryogenic components in one seamless transaction.

By simplifying procurement and providing best-in-class performance Quantum Machines and Oxford Instruments accelerate quantum researchers’ speed to first measurement.

The two companies have worked together closely in the past demonstrating strong technical synergies between their products. In a recent deployment, Quantum Machines hardware demonstrated high compatibility with Oxford Instruments refrigerators. Quantum Machines’ OPX+ was introduced into the QMS (quantum-measurement-as-a- service lab) at Glasgow University, getting from unboxing to experimental results at record speeds. The room temperature control hardware from Quantum Machines was connected seamlessly to the low-temperature environment for superconducting qubits from Oxford Instruments, showing how quick and convenient a measurement setup could be. 

Quantum Machines’ QDevil range of cryogenic components has always been a complimentary product to the dilution refrigerators from Oxford Instruments, and this partnership will enhance that relationship.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Oxford Instruments creating a unified platform that will revolutionize the quantum research field,” said Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines. “This synergy not only streamlines purchasing but also integrates our leading-edge quantum control systems with top-tier cryogenic solutions, offering researchers a comprehensive package for their laboratories. Together, we are setting a new standard for convenience and excellence, empowering quantum advancements globally.”

“Given how well our technologies have worked together in past deployments, I am excited to see the benefits of this partnership for our shared customer base,” commented Matt Martin, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoScience. “Both companies share the ultimate goal of getting our customers up and running with their quantum research as quickly as possible. By streamlining procurement through this partnership, we are breaking down possible barriers and accelerating our customers’ speed to first measurement.”

About Oxford Instruments NanoScience

Oxford Instruments NanoScience designs, supplies and supports market-leading research tools that enable quantum technologies, new materials and device development in the physical sciences. Our tools support research down to the atomic scale through creation of high performance, cryogen-free low temperature and magnetic environments, based upon our core technologies in low and ultra-low temperatures, high magnetic fields and system integration, with ever-increasing levels of experimental and measurement readiness. Oxford Instruments NanoScience is a part of the Oxford Instruments plc group.

About Quantum Machines

Quantum Machines (QM) drives quantum breakthroughs that accelerate the realization of practical quantum computers. The company’s Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) fundamentally redefines the control and operations architecture of quantum processors. The full-stack hardware and software platform is capable of running even the most complex algorithms right out of the box, including quantum error correction, multi-qubit calibration, and more. Helping achieve the full potential of any quantum processor, the QOP allows for unprecedented advancement and speed-up of quantum technologies as well as the ability to scale to thousands of qubits. Visit us at: www.quantum-machines.com