We are happy to welcome the QDevil team, now officially a part of Quantum Machines!

Quantum Machines Team

Sparking a New Era in Quantum

We are a team of quantum physicists, software and systems engineers, and chip designers, all passionate to advance the world of quantum computing further than it has ever gone before.


We envision a new technological age. A time when quantum computing is used to revolutionize entire industries, solve global problems, and power unprecedented innovation. That’s why we made it our mission to build Quantum Orchestration: the platform that powers quantum breakthroughs and accelerates the path towards the new age of quantum computing.

Our Leadership

Dr. Itamar Sivan

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Yonatan Cohen

Co-Founder and CTO

Dr. Nissim Ofek

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

Nir Ackerman

Chief Financial Officer

Shaul Galila

Chief of Operations

Omri Shoshan

Vice President of Business Development

Todd Sierer

Vice President of Global Sales

Yoel Knoll

Vice President of Marketing

Hila Manoach

Chief People Officer

Dotan Sokolov

Vice President of R&D

Our Board Members

Avigdor Willenz

Board of Directors

Prof. Amir Yacoby

Scientific Advisory Board

David Ben-Bassat

Advisory Board

Guy Harmelin, MD

Board of Directors

Max Schireson

Board of Directors

Rona Segev

Board of Directors

Prof. Scott Aaronson

Scientific Advisory Board

Shahar Kaminitz

Advisory Board

Yaniv Stern

Board of Directors

Our investors

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Our Location


Fruebjergvej 3


Yigal Alon 126
Tel Aviv-Yafo


Regus (QM Technologies)
Curiestraße 2,
70563 Stuttgart


1 Rue Francois Mitterrand
Institut d’Optique (IOA)
33400 Talence