Quantum Machines Introduces QBoard-II – A Next-Generation Cryogenic Sample Holder

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 18, 2023 — Quantum Machines, the provider of breakthrough quantum control solutions that accelerate the development of practical quantum computers, today announced QBoard-II, a modular, PCB-based sample holder system for low-temperature spin-qubit chips, general transport experiments, and superconducting circuits. QBoard-II represents a leap forward in cryogenic sample holder technology, designed to simplify and enhance quantum experiments.

Improving upon the performance and usability of the original QBoard, QBoard-II features more compact dimensions, new PCB, interposer, and daughterboard designs, and the addition of a shielding lid. A versatile set of mounting brackets ensures full compatibility with popular dilution refrigerators. Customers can easily transition from QBoard-I with unchanged connector configurations.

Key Features of QBoard-II:

  • Modular Design: The plug-and-play modular design of the QBoard-II enables easy exchange and reuse of different sample chips.
  • Expanded Experiment Capabilities: With support for transmission up to 8 GHz, conduct a wide range of experiments.
  • Optimal Signal Quality: The chip carrier minimizes RF losses and reduces crosstalk, ensuring the quality of measurements and experiments. A shielding lid for the daughterboard protects from radiation.
  • Non-Magnetic Materials: All materials used in QBoard-II are non-magnetic, preserving the integrity of experiments.

“QBoard-II is designed to make quantum researchers’ lives easier. It simplifies complex setups, saves valuable research hours, and enables them to concentrate on what truly matters – advancing science,” said Itamar Sivan, CEO and co-founder of Quantum Machines.

QBoard-II will be displayed at SiQEW 2023, October 31 – November 2 in Kyoto, Japan.

For more information about QBoard-II and other quantum control and quantum electronics solutions visit us at: https://www.quantum-machines.co/