We're delighted to announce our partnership with NVIDIA on a first-of-its-kind architecture for high-performance and low-latency quantum-classical computing.

Quantum Orchestration Platform


Get the edge in developing, building, and integrating quantum computers or experiments with an end-to-end control stack.

Bring out the best of your qubits. 

Quantum Orchestration

Realize the full potential of any qubit, at any scale, in record time

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The first hybrid architecture designed for quantum control, the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) allows for real-time decision making with extreme ease and incomparable speed.

From testing new qubit technologies in the lab to developing error-correction schemes and building full-stack quantum computers.

Leverage QM’s standard integrated control stack to achieve your goals and push quantum computing forward.

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At the heart of the platform is the Pulse Processing Unit, QM’s leading-edge quantum control technology.

Progress with incomparable speed and extreme flexibility.

Run even the most demanding experiments efficiently, with the fastest runtimes and the lowest latencies in the industry, including quantum protocols that require real-time waveform generation, real-time waveform acquisition, real-time comprehensive processing, and control flow.

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Designed for quantum control, QUA is the first universal quantum pulse-level programming language.

Implement the protocols of your wildest dreams as easily as writing pseudocode.

Code even the most advanced programs and run them with the best possible performance.

Natively describe your most challenging experiments, from complex AI-based multi-qubit calibrations to multi-qubit quantum error correction.


Designed by Quantum Researchers for Scientists Like You

Replacing 3 devices with one synchronized, orchestrated machine tremendously simplifies lab workflow. Now, our pulse sequences run in a fraction of the time of any other device combo. Plus, we can talk to the FPGA in human-speak to run real-time calculations that were too complicated before! Along with the yoga-level flexibility of QM's engineers, the OPX truly is a trailblazer.

Dr. Amit Finkler, Weizmann Institute of Science

Dedicated hardware for controlling and operating quantum bits is something we have all been dreaming of. Quantum Machines has answered this call by allowing us and others in the field to scale up with ease and with far greater functionality than was ever possible

Prof. Amir Yacoby, Harvard University

I must say I'm very happy with QM's Quantum Orchestration Platform. It's the single most reliable piece of equipment I've got in the lab. I operate it remotely and never had any problems. I strongly recommend the OPX and the QOP to my colleagues. It is by far the simplest way to do qubit physics.  

Dr. Emmanuel Flurin, CEA Saclay, Quantronics group

Programming of the OPX has been far and away more intuitive than all other systems we've used in the lab. My students certainly appreciate it!

Prof. Eli Levenson-Falk, University of Southern California

The first time I was introduced to Quantum Machines, It surprised me how people were getting so excited about it. Only later did I realize, it was like explaining the value of Laser before it existed, and all you knew are light bulbsToday I truly believe that these systems will revolutionize our space.

Prof. Barak Dayan, Weizmann Institute of Science

Having tried several instruments in the past, I'm very impressed by Quantum Machines' OPX. It finally removes the need for us to develop any skills in FPGA programming while still benefiting from advanced FPGA capabilities in our experiments

Prof. Benjamin Huard, ENS de Lyon

"Integrating the control of the lab into a single unit made my research experience much easier. I can honestly say it is thanks to Quantum Machines’ well-engineered hardware and their team's true willingness to assist."

Ben Yemin, Weizmann Institute of Science, Ozeri Lab

The OPX + QUA platform completely changed the way we control semiconductor quantum dot spin qubits. Key qubit control schemes we previously developed individually using time-consuming hardware description languages are now implemented in one box.

Dr. Dohun Kim, Seoul National University, Laboratory for Integrated Quantum Systems

From Quantum Research Laboratories

Run the protocols and experiments of your dreams immediately instead of spending months and years configuring general-purpose test-equipment, programming FPGA, and writing low-level code.

To Quantum Cloud Infrastructure

Scale-up your quantum computers with cloud-grade infrastructure encompassing the most advanced quantum control capabilities such as multi-qubit control, built-in quantum error-correction and ML/AI units, and more.

  • Enabling Parametric Pulses & Classical Calculations



Accelerate Your Quantum Experiments

From ideation to execution, speed up every step of your experiment to an incredible pace. With Quantum Orchestration as your quantum control platform, you can run state of the art experiments in a fraction of the development time and make your mark on the world of quantum computing.

Start Shaping the Future of Quantum