Quantum Machines Selected by Alice & Bob for their Advanced Quantum Computer, Paving the Path to Quantum Advantage

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 29, 2023 — Quantum Machines, the provider of breakthrough quantum control solutions that accelerate the realization of practical quantum computers, today announced that Alice & Bob, a cutting-edge quantum computer vendor with a mission to develop universal, error-free quantum computers, have chosen Quantum Machines’ advanced quantum control platform, the OPX+, to power their advanced quantum computer.

Alice & Bob has demonstrated the ability to create qubits that are resistant to bit-flip errors, which occur when the state of a qubit changes unintentionally due to external factors such as noise or interference. The company’s approach uses superconducting cat qubits, which their experimental evidence shows to be designed to eliminate bit-flip errors. This breakthrough discovery provides a shortcut to developing a scalable universal quantum computer, with potentially hundreds of times fewer qubits.

Quantum Machines’ OPX+ incorporates a unique Pulse Processor Unit (PPU) that integrates classical processing and control flow at the heart of the quantum control system, orchestrating quantum and classical operations from the same device. The PPU allows the implementation of complex quantum error corrections and error mitigation in real time. A unique quantum control platform, OPX is designed from the ground up to enable ultra-low latency quantum-classical processing, dramatically accelerating quantum performance by orders of magnitude. Built to scale, the solution supports the need for managing increasing qubit counts in a way that is both economical and efficient.

“When evaluating system performance in real-world deployments, the most critical criterion is the end-to-end functionality of the system,” said Theau Peronnin, co-founder and CEO of Alice & Bob. “In this regard, Quantum Machines’ OPX stands out with its exceptional real-time performance, seamless scalability, and user-friendly interface. These capabilities are crucial for us as we strive to realize our vision of developing fault-tolerant quantum computers.”

“Alice & Bob is one of the few companies who have a clear vision of how to achieve quantum advantage,” said Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines. ” Their technology offers ways to bypass the difficulties encountered with quantum error correction and scaling to large fault tolerant quantum systems. Working together, we aim to create a shortcut to quantum advantage – and advance the realization of practical quantum computers.”

Quantum Machines’ OPX platform is a key enabler of quantum-classical integration. Earlier this month, it was announced that NVIDIA will integrate its advanced GPU technology with the OPX platform, providing quantum researchers with even more powerful tools to manage and optimize their designs and experiments.

About QM

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