We're delighted to announce our partnership with NVIDIA on a first-of-its-kind architecture for high-performance and low-latency quantum-classical computing.

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At Scale

A scalable solution for
cloud-based quantum computing.

From 1 qubit to 1000s:
Without Sacrificing Performance

Advanced capabilities and scale-up: It seems like you must always choose one over the other.

Not anymore. The Quantum Orchestration Platform is a scalable solution for cloud-based quantum computers capable of addressing even 1000+ qubits while maintaining its advanced capabilities. From highly complex AI-based multi-qubit calibrations to multi-qubit quantum-error-correction. Run even the most complex quantum protocols on the largest quantum processors.


Quantum Orchestration Architecture

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    built for cloud

    Designed for extreme reliability and robustness. Offering high-availability and redundancy. Built-in continuous health monitoring.

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    optimized for hybrid
    quantum-classical algorithms

    The Quantum Orchestration Platform offers a unified framework for controlling quantum processors and running heavy classical processing. An advanced stream-processing framework and built-in AI-engines allow running and optimizing hybrid quantum-classical algorithms from day 1.

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    with Your Needs

    The Quantum Orchestration Platform is both highly scalable and highly modular. Easily scale or modify the number of channels (analog/digital/input/output) and processing power to suit your specific and growing needs.

QUA: Speak the Language of Quantum

Write quantum programs as simply as writing pseudo-code using QUA - the most powerful yet intuitive language designed for quantum.

Error Correction: Optimize at Scale

Perform the most complex error correction and error mitigation protocols to optimize pulses and reduce noise - even on large-scale computers.

High Throughput Streaming

Reach extremely high throughput between control hardware, to speed up complex calibrations and hybrid routines.

Power New Possibilities

  • Run protocols that were impossible before

  • Accelerate Your Research and Development

  • Compatible with any quantum technology

Do More With Partner Integrations

With Quantum Machines’ flexible, universal platform, partners can easily build protocols on top of QUA. Join partners like Q-CTRL and start accelerating your quantum research and development.

Power the Future of Quantum Development

  • Ultra-low feedback latency

    Operate at less than 150 ns, using its results to impact pulse shaping, integration parameters and branching between pulses and procedures.

  • Frequency Multiplexing & demultiplexing

    Play up to 10 pulses with different intermediate frequencies to a single output (5 in IQ-mode), and demodulate any given input signal with up to 10 different frequencies.

  • Control

    Use general control flow statements, loop statements and more, to manipulate the flow of your