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Break New Ground in Quantum Research

Quantum Orchestration helps researchers push the boundaries of quantum experimentation and make industry-shifting discoveries. All with absolutely no development time.

Why Quantum Orchestration?

As quantum experiments become more and more complex, research groups are forced to develop software and piece together the hardware for their own custom control system — just to get the experiment to run. And even after the endless time and effort, their experiments are greatly limited by the very system they built to run them. Quantum Orchestration changes all that. Its out-of-the-box functionality completely eliminates development time, while enabling researchers to run the most complex experiments imaginable. That way they’ll accelerate their discoveries, gain industry-wide recognition, and make profound impact on the field of quantum.
Prof. Amir Yacoby, Harvard University

“Dedicated hardware for controlling and operating quantum bits is something we have all been dreaming of. Quantum Machines has answered this call by allowing us and others in the field to scale up with ease and with far greater functionality than was ever possible”

Prof. Amir Yacoby, Harvard University
Réouven Assouly, ENS de Lyon

“Our greatest achievement with Quantum Machines’ OPX which we couldn’t get with any of our existing hardware, is the ability to easily implement complex real-time feedback protocols during our experiments. This is a crucial element in the binary decomposition scheme and without it we would have to compromise on the effective quantum efficiency of our detector”.

Réouven Assouly, ENS de Lyon
Dr. Amit Finkler, Weizmann Institute of Science

“The OPX literally takes three different instruments in our lab and combines them into one synchronized (and yes, orchestrated) machine. This simplifies the workflow tremendously, allowing us to implement all of our pulse sequences in a fraction of the time it would have taken with any other combination of devices. But the real boon is the possibility to talk to the FPGA in human-speak, allowing real-time calculations that were darn complicated to perform before. This, together with the yoga-level flexibility of QM’s software and hardware engineers is what really makes the OPX a trailblazer in the field.”

Dr. Amit Finkler, Weizmann Institute of Science
Prof. Barak Dayan, Weizmann Institute of Science

“The first time I was introduced to Quantum Machines, It surprised me how people were getting so excited about it. Only later did I realize, it was like explaining the value of Laser before it existed, and all you knew are light bulbsToday I truly believe that these systems will revolutionize our space.”

Prof. Barak Dayan, Weizmann Institute of Science

Run Experiments Easily

The Quantum Orchestration Platform is powerfully simple. Seamlessly perform advanced feedback-based protocols such as real-time qubit stabilization and quantum error correction using an easy, intuitive platform

Qubit State Stabilization

Error Correction

Drive the Next Generation of Quantum Research

  • Parametric

    Loop over a wide range of parameters, including intermediate frequencies, amplitudes, phases, delays, integration parameters, measurement axes and more.

  • Real-Time

    Easily program complex real-time calculations, then integrate and sync them into any protocol, including complex analysis of input data.

  • Control

    Use general control flow statements, loop statements and more, to manipulate the flow of your programs.

  • Ultra-low
    feedback latency

    Operate at less than 150 ns, using its results to impact pulse shaping, integration parameters and branching between pulses and procedures.

  • Frequency Multiplexing
    & Demultiplexing

    Play up to 10 pulses with different intermediate frequencies to a single output (5 in IQ-mode), and demodulate any given input signal with up to 10 different frequencies.

  • Measurement

    Know with certainty your qubit measurements are correct by optimizing your measurement process parameters.

QUA: The Language of Quantum

A powerful yet intuitive language designed for quantum physicists

Multi-User Capabilities

The platform enables multiple users to run multiple experiments on the same hardware, at the same time.

Power New Possibilities

  • Run Experiments
    That Were Impossible Before

  • Accelerate
    Your Experiments

  • No Development
    or Design Needed

  • Compatible with Any
    Quantum Technology

Start Shaping the Future of Quantum